"Richard has been in four facilities in the past eight months and I would rate Central Island #1 of the 4."

–The Jones Family ~ Guest from August 2012

"Overall the care was very good. When I came in, I needed help and encouragement, I got both!! Thank you. This was a life changing event for me! Thank you for seeing me through it. Special thanks to Dawn, Kelly, Pat, Jennice, and Yanie. Also, Lenore, Jessie, Manning, Sharmie, and Rachna were nothing less than amazing!! They were a big help in encouraging me and making me feel like I was given a second chance at having a normal life again!!"

C. O'Hagan ~ Guest from August 2012

"I had been in another facility that was supposed to be top notch, this place was better."

– R. Frey ~ Guest from July 2012

"As usual, the services were very good. The care was cooperative and the staff was generally encouraging. I have been here on four different occasions and never hesitate to recommend this facility. The staff is good, the activities are enjoyable, the food is good, and the therapy is mostly great!"

– I. Earl ~ Guest from July 2012

"What a big change from four years ago. The staff is amazing, the renovations were much needed and have entirely change the look and vibe of the facility. People remembered me from four years ago and kept stopping in to say hello, very warm and inviting."

– B. O'Brien ~ Guest from April 2012

"Someone told me that I should have gone to another facility on Long Island, but I don't think that any place could be better than Central Island Healthcare."

– C. Chichester ~ Guest from April 2012

"Excellent, excellent, and more excellent. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I would come back from Delaware to go here."

– N. Misita ~ Guest from February 2012

"This place is beautiful, clean, and the people are the best. I have nothing but good things to say."

– G. Algiere ~ Guest from August 2011

"The 2 South staff is in-sync and address needs immediately."

– L. Freeman ~ Guest from July 2011

"Central Island Healthcare is where I would go, no other place. I think the ice cream they gave you at night was really very nice, a great thing before you sleep. Thank you for everything here. I was very happy."

– B. Brinson ~ Guest from April 2011

"The Physical Therapy was energetic, which made it easier for me"

– I. Cappuzzo ~ Guest from March 2011

“Best possible care you can get, you couldn’t ask for more. This place is excellent; they are very kind and caring. I’ll be thinking of Central Island Healthcare if services are needed again.”

- T. Hoffman ~ Guest from February 2011

“At first I wanted to go home so badly so I cried a lot, now today I’m leaving and am having pains about leaving all the great staff members. The staff is outstanding, they make one feel ones care is really important to them.”

- J. Loesch ~ Guest from February 2011

“Everything was great, was very satisfied here. I rather be here than any other facility on Long Island.”

- A. Judge ~ Guest from February 2011

“Very loving and caring place, staff is always will to help.”

- J. Youshak ~ Guest from February 2011


“So many beautiful women at this place, I was very lucky to be here. Central Island Healthcare is what I would like to call the house of smiles, because everyone is smiling all the time.”

- E. Leuchtmann ~ Guest from February 2011

“I have been to other rehabs in the area, and Central Island Healthcare is the best! The therapy, the people are all wonderful. Everything here is always beyond and more. This is not my first time here and definitely will not be my last.”

- R. Monkarsh ~ Guest from January 2011

“Wouldn’t be walking right now if it wasn’t for the therapy at Central Island Healthcare. Everybody went the extra step to do what they could do to make sure you were satisfied, always at any hour of the day.”

- P. Schaefer ~ Guest from March 2010

“Everything was excellent; I will be back when I have my other knee replacement.”

- V. Rosati ~ Guest from March 2011

“Thank you very much for everything that was done for me. I would like to send a special thanks to Kelly, Jessie, Cindu. Wishing you good luck.”

– U. Bhasin ~ Guest from April 2010

“Our mom was given excellent care while she was here, thank you all very much.”

– The Contorno Family ~ Guest from April 2010

“I would like to thank the staff, administration, physical therapy (Lenore), occupation therapy (Bibi & Carline), recreation department, housekeeping and fellow patients for contributing to my positive rehabilitation experience.”

– L. Witt ~ Guest from April 2010

“The nursing staff, social worker, and case manager were very caring and helpful. My family was very happy with this rehab center, I found the whole personnel very professional and caring for my moms needs.”

- M. Paz ~ Guest from November 2010

The nurses were outstanding; the therapy staff was very dedicated and worked me hard. Very dedicated staff, very caring and felt very comfortable here. The nurses were above and beyond for everything. I was very thankful that all department heads including busy Michael came to see me all the time. The care here was terrific!”

- F. Barone ~ Guest from November 2010

“I stayed for only a short time. However, I gained the information, techniques, and exercises I needed to continue to heal once I left. The staff helps my needs very much. Thank you.”

- P. Buxhoeveden ~ Guest from November 2010

“This is my second time here and in all honesty I would recommend this place to anybody, everything here is great.”

- B. McCoy ~ Guest from November 2010

“Everything went well, the staff was excellent. People were very attentive; the cleaning crew did a super job in keeping the room clean and antiseptic. The therapy groups were very efficient and warm.”

- J. Campbell ~ Guest from November 2010

“My mom will be here for her hip replacement, so the nurses on 2 North can take care of her, the staff was excellent.”

- C. Howell ~ Guest from November 2010

“Very happy to be here, kid of sad I am leaving.” - D. Coyle ~ Guest from December 2010

“Thank you for working so well with our mother. Thank you for bringing her so far.”

- M. Weinstein ~ Guest from December 2010

“Therapy was the best it could be, they were excellent. Wish I could stay a couple more days, everyone here was great!”

- C. Mackin ~ Guest from December 2010